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Market Solutions for Rural Poverty

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Now Selling at These Locations!
Rural Returns and our partner communities are pleased to announce online and offline options to get your favorite rice - go ahead, try some! Find recipe ideas here. Remember to check back often for more stores and more recipes!

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Three quarters of the world’s poorest billion people live in rural areas[1,2] and engage in smallholder agriculture[3]

At Rural Returns, we believe the best way to help such people achieve sustainable economic development is through their own efforts - and by linking  them with the resources and the markets to make the best of their abilities.

World Change Starts with Rice

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What we do 

We help rural communities achieve higher incomes and invest in sustainable community-led development.

How we do it

We help smallholder farmers identify unique, market-oriented local products and connect them through non-exploitative value chains to stable markets paying a fair price

Rural Returns (Guarantee) Limited is a non-stock, non profit company limited by guarantee in Sri Lanka.

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