Market Solutions for Rural Poverty

World Change Starts with Rice

Now Selling at more than 200 Locations!
Rural Returns and our partner communities are pleased to share the growing list of retailers stocking your favorite "Ayu" branded heirloom Sri Lankan rice - go ahead, try some! Find recipe ideas here. Remember to check back often for more stores and more recipes!
  • All major super market chains  (see list)
    • Keells Super and Super K
    • All LAUGFS outlets
    • All Cargills outlets
    • Arpico Super Centres
  • Our sales office - 54, Kitulwatte Road, Colombo 8 (please call ahead on +94 11 7 333 191)
  • Independent stores in Colombo and outstation (see list)
Interested in selling the rice that everyone's talking about and no one can get enough of? Click here!

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Buyer Beware - In the U.S. market the Rural Returns name and mission (and Intellectual Property) are being misrepresented, co-opted and subverted for purely commercial gain by a former business partner. More details here.

In the mean time, remember that the authentic Rural Returns and Ayu Experience stand for sustainable, mission-driven, market-oriented rural livelihood improvement. Trust is the most important part of our business, and we take it very seriously. Please contact us any time if you find or suspect any issues, or have any questions at all.

Three quarters of the world’s poorest billion people live in rural areas[1,2] and engage in smallholder agriculture[3]

At Rural Returns, we believe the best way to help such people achieve sustainable economic development is through their own efforts - and by linking  them with the resources and the markets to make the best of their abilities.

What we do 

We help rural communities achieve higher incomes and invest in sustainable community-led development.

How we do it

We help smallholder farmers identify unique, market-oriented local products and connect them through non-exploitative value chains to stable markets paying a fair price

Rural Returns (Guarantee) Limited is a non-stock, non profit company limited by guarantee in Sri Lanka.

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[1]International Fund for Agricultural Development. (2001). Rural Poverty Report. International Fund for Agricultural Development.
[2]The World Bank Group. (2008). World Development Report. Washington, D.C.: The World Bank Group.
[3]Acumen Fund (2008)